What Happens In Vegas…

One really good idea that the folks at Mars Hill Church have implemented is a question and answer session after various sermons. The way it works is that listeners can text questions during the sermon, and someone backstage collects and filters the questions, and then delivers them to the pastor at the end of the… Continue reading What Happens In Vegas…

Religion Saves: Birth Control

As I mentioned in the introduction, Religion Saves + And Nine Other Misconceptions addresses the top nine questions submitted and voted on by people around the country. Each chapter is dedicated to a question and pastor Mark’s answer, and they go in backwards order. So, chapter one addresses the ninth most popular question: There’s no… Continue reading Religion Saves: Birth Control

Religion Saves: Intro

Look what came in the mail yesterday! The awesome folks at Crossway and RE:LIT were kind enough to select our dinky little blog here for a free copy of Mark Driscoll’s newest book, Religion Saves – And Nine Other Misconceptions. One condition: I have to review it here and tell you what I think. This… Continue reading Religion Saves: Intro

Mark Driscoll On Evangelism

Mark Driscoll has a new blog post today called ‘Evangelism’. …very interesting thoughts from someone I admire very much, but who doesn’t often say much on the topic. Here’s a particularly interesting and insightful snippet: Lastly, the fact that Jesus remains to this day an active evangelist is of great encouragement to me personally. It… Continue reading Mark Driscoll On Evangelism

Mark Driscoll Interviews John Piper

Check out this great interview between Mark Driscoll and John Piper. This is not  your typical interview where one pastor is giving another pastor a chance to brag or promote something. Mark just asks a ton of open-ended questions about John’s life for the benefit of everyone. And John is very humbly honest. I learned… Continue reading Mark Driscoll Interviews John Piper