How much is a trillion dollars?

Check out this post from the ‘Between Two Worlds‘ blog, shedding some light on how much money our government wants to borrow from future generations. Here’s a telling snippet: Adjusted for inflation, here are some other massive expenditures: * The Marshall Plan ($115.3 billion) * The space race ($237 billion) * The Korean War ($454… Continue reading How much is a trillion dollars?

Perspective from a friend

My good friend Tricia and her husband just moved to Thailand with hopes of seeing children come to know Christ. It’s especially interesting for me to read about their adventures because a couple of years ago I was with Tricia in Central Asia for a year and we learned a lot from each other as… Continue reading Perspective from a friend


Take a minute and read this article about human rights in Uzbekistan, a country of 30 million people run by a ruthless murderer. Here’s an excerpt: The case against Turgunov sends a chilling message to other activists that working for justice is a dangerous business in Uzbekistan. Despite the recent release of several other activists,… Continue reading Perspective

Reconciling the beatitudes with being American

I was reading in Luke 6 this morning. After Jesus pronounces His ‘blesseds’, He pronounces His ‘woes’: 24(AS) “But woe to you who are rich,(AT) for you(AU) have received your consolation. 25“Woe to you who are full now, for(AV) you shall be hungry. “Woe to(AW) you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.”… Continue reading Reconciling the beatitudes with being American