Let’s play a game (update)

Update (4) when. is. he. coming…. Zack, Rob, Wendy, Amie, Eddie, Jen, Lauren, Charlie, Katie, Jeremy, Stephanie, Catlin, Mike, Mom, Tricia, Mom, Matt, Adrienne & Drew Got 4 votes for today… by majority vote, today should be his birthday! Update (3) Alright. Eddie and Jeremy, today’s your day. Here’s hoping… Update (2) Well, me (Zack)… Continue reading Let’s play a game (update)

You Choose: What is more stupid

Alright folks. I’ve been listening to “Wait, Wait: Don’t Tell Me” this morning, and I’ve narrowed down the dumb news stories of the week to two. Now you have to pick: Which is dumber: A sales supervisor who used waterboarding to motivate his sales team (not a joke). or John McCain’s compaign trying to pass… Continue reading You Choose: What is more stupid

2 Questions for pastor mark driscoll

Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington is taking questions (see the video below) that he’ll use as topics for 9 sermons and a book, beginning in January, 2008. You can go to askanything.marshillchurch.org to view, submit, and vote on questions. I asked the following questions (there’s a really short length limit, so… Continue reading 2 Questions for pastor mark driscoll

Best eternal investment opps

This weekend at church, I taught about how we are free to serve Jesus because we don’t have to. …yeah, just take a second and think about that. My texts were Galatians 5 and 1 Peter 2. I got on a social justice soap-box for just a minute. According to Compassion International, 19 billion dollars… Continue reading Best eternal investment opps