Religion Saves: Humor

I had a great time hearing all your thoughts on the birth control discussion last week! Now it’s time to move on to chapter 2 of Religion Saves – And Nine Other Misconceptions. In this chapter, pastor Mark Driscoll tackles the 8th most popular question: Why do you make jokes about Mormon missionaries, homosexuals, trench… Continue reading Religion Saves: Humor

Religion Saves: Birth Control

As I mentioned in the introduction, Religion Saves + And Nine Other Misconceptions addresses the top nine questions submitted and voted on by people around the country. Each chapter is dedicated to a question and pastor Mark’s answer, and they go in backwards order. So, chapter one addresses the ninth most popular question: There’s no… Continue reading Religion Saves: Birth Control

Religion Saves: Intro

Look what came in the mail yesterday! The awesome folks at Crossway and RE:LIT were kind enough to select our dinky little blog here for a free copy of Mark Driscoll’s newest book, Religion Saves – And Nine Other Misconceptions. One condition: I have to review it here and tell you what I think. This… Continue reading Religion Saves: Intro

Religion Saves (And 9 Other Misconceptions)

That’s what Mark Driscoll and the crew at Mars Hill are calling the new sermon series. These are the responses to the top ten questions from the ‘Ask Anything’ survey (I asked these two questions), where everybody in the world had three months to ask and vote on questions that they would like Driscoll to… Continue reading Religion Saves (And 9 Other Misconceptions)