Too much time with grandpa

His middle name is ‘Michael’, after my dad. My dad calls him ‘Little Mike’, and jokes about all the trouble that he’s going to get him into. Apparently, they’ve already been spending too much time together…

J’s First Video

He isn’t awake very much at all, and when he is, it’s usually at night, so here are a precious few minutes when he was awake and alert during the day yesterday. (Yes, we are those parents with two cameras on our child… we’ve been waiting a long time for this!)

Josiah, the internet. Internet, Josiah.

Hey Everyone! Thanks a ton for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages, text messages, visits… Good grief, I feel like we must be celebrities! We just finally got home from the hospital about 2 hours ago. Mom and baby are taking a much-needed nap, and I’m going to get some things un-packed and go… Continue reading Josiah, the internet. Internet, Josiah.