Friday Funny

A few days ago, I posted this picture for a caption. Well, apparently my friend John has a little too much time on his hands these days, cause yesterday he sent this to me. What can I say? It works… Speaking of John: he’s a bona-fide video and photoshop ninja, and he’s currently feeling the… Continue reading Friday Funny

Fun with spam

Friends, family, complete strangers — it is with all the humility that I can muster that I would like to announce that I have won the lottery! I have won 900,000 british pounds in a lottery in some foreign country that I’ve never heard of and never entered. Just read this email that I just… Continue reading Fun with spam

Do you elf?

  There’s a pretty funny add campaign called “Elf Yourself”. This happens to coincide with a week when I have a photo of myself wearing a mullet wig from a party we went to. You can click here to see me shake my groove thang…