What WikiLeaks Reveals About Uzbekistan

If you read this blog much, you know that I spent most of a year in Uzbekistan, and that the situation there is not a good one. Islam Karimov is a murderous thug who rules through fear and intimidation, and millions of people suffer every day because of him. Christians are routinely arrested and¬†harassed, and… Continue reading What WikiLeaks Reveals About Uzbekistan

Pray For Persecuted Christians In Uzbekistan

(Those reading from email or an rss feed will need to click through to see the 2-minute video above) This is very personal to me. There are somewhere around 30,000 believers in Uzbekistan, which is roughly 0.001% of the population. I know a handful of them personally. They have been arrested,¬†interrogated, spied on,¬†sabotaged, and end… Continue reading Pray For Persecuted Christians In Uzbekistan

More news from Uzbekistan

Just came across this article saying that one of the very last moves of the Bush administration was to designate Uzbekistan as one of the top 8 religious rights violators in the world. It makes me sad that the Obama administration will probably completely ignore this because they ‘need’ to build an air force base… Continue reading More news from Uzbekistan